6 Jun 2012


Finally I can share my new range of work, I'm so excited about it! its taken a while to develop and Ive had to keep it a little quite until near the launch of a new show (which opens tomorrow at Arteria in Lancaster) Now I can shout about it!!!!
I have called it 'Congregation' playing with the collective nouns to describe bird groups (a congregation of plovers) and maybe a slight comment on the church of the high street, though my people are from a very different time to now. I wanted to create an ever expanding crowd of vintage figure all going about their individual journeys, I collected loads of photographs both from antique shops and ebay, Looking for people in the background just walking away or towards to camera, the invisible people, not the subjects of the photograph.
For the paper prints I have collaged vintage adverts and town guide magazine pages to give some of the characters a new tale, each piece is very different, and I love making up tales about the people based on what paper I collage onto them, why are they visit that hotel? who are they going to meet?
The textiles work I'm repeating the design in a very tight repeat creating an endless crowd, I love this black on linen, The lines blur into patterns and shapes within the crowds (my boys keeps saying he loves it but they do look like Dr Who Autons! which I find very funny and maybe gives it another twist! could sell well in the Sci fi market!!!)
For now as I still have my book to finish there is only a limited range of this work avalible in Arteria, Lancaster, but come july I will fill my Etsy and Folsky shops.
pip pip for now


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