26 Sept 2012

New screens - autum/winter range begins

I have been so all consumed with the book writing and then the summer holidays its taken till the end of sept to be ready to show you any new work! There has been much happening in the background to prepare, and Im a matter of days off having actual finish products to show but I wanted to share a bit of process for now.
I have been adapting my studio to attempt to be able to print yardage! not quite there but I can now print much larger pieces of fabric than before - therefore I have had to engage with and prefect the process of lining up screens to print perfectly all along a run!
I have made a long table surface - padded and covered so I can lay out long runs of fabric - I have made a simple T bar so I can mark the position of the screens along the fabric and line them up easily.
On my first attempt to print a run everythnig worked well but the screen proved to have some imperfections so I have had to clear it off and expose again ! a set back but Im enthused now I have seen the process working in the studio! I cant wait to try again in the next few days!
so many ideas for the new print designs I have!!! I will share ASAP xxx


  1. Absolutely in love with that pattern, Jenny!! You clever bean!!! :)
    x x x

  2. Completely blooming brilliant! I love the moths - Liberties here you come!! x

  3. omg this print is so beautiful, Jenny ! It'll be such a hit when you'll sell it ! Everyone loves butterflies & dragonflies & insects, I know I do !! xoxox

  4. What a beautiful, beautiful design! I absolutely love it and can't wait to see all the ideas and creations you have!
    Jo :-) x

  5. Lovely design, I love screenprinting on fabric, it's worth all the effort of preparing the screens.

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