7 Nov 2012

Website relaunch

Behind the scenes its been like a mad house here! so busy making and now its the time to promote it all! The new textiles designs are working out better than I could have hoped, I love my bugs and butterflies. They work so well on the Linen, Im going to try them out on very sheer muslin soon as I think they would make wonderful scarves.
My website has been given a complete overhaul (by me) and looks all sparkly and new go check it out and show your friends www.cooandco.co.uk  there is a facebook sharing competion running till 10th November, if you want to be in with a chance to win a handbag go and like and share over on facebook.
 Fabulous new packaging to go with all my new designs
new and exciting items

and favorite styles back with new print designs.
all so exciting.


  1. Oh Jenny, I love it all ! ALL ALL ALL !!
    You've done a remarkable job on everything !
    Well done, you !

  2. I really love your work, Jenny! They’re all quite unique and lovely, and the art really speaks for itself! I think the best ones are the cute animals. And with regard to your website, I couldn’t ask for more. The template simply works well with your artworks. Thanks for sharing!

    Tina Greer @ Lane Local Marketing


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