15 Jan 2010

Daily drawing friday montage 8-15th Jan

Its been a very busy week, maybe because this is the first real week back to school and work after all the snow, so its my first week of a quite house to focus. I have enjoyed just creating not really thinking to much about what Im creating. The dolls have been fun and have just jumped out of me did'nt plan on making them , maybe I just needed to use a bit of every skill, sewing,  drawing constructing.
This weeks drawing has been great, again I tried not to think to much and just drew the first thing that came to mind as I opened the book, its lead to a series of more focused ideas for images, Im getting a friend to come and model for me in a few poses over the weekend to see if i can take the ideas further, maybe the will become paintings as well?
I have brought my first Hyacinths yesterday and the sight of bulb tips poking through the soil has reminded me to be excited about spring and all its potential! Im determined to enjoy the last of winter without wishing it away as time moves so quickly if I wish it away spring will go to fast as well.
enogh rambling, off to nursery to get Joe xx

Have a great weekend all, take care


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