4 Jan 2010

Dying things

I am starting to research natural dying and ideas for staining and marking fabric.
Ive just tried a few ideas without any background info and bound twigs and moss tightly within fabric and placed in water and tea just because I liked the idea of bound objects, but from the little bit of reasearch ive done so far Im not sure any marks will be left and the fabric was not primed and no care was taken to what I wrapped other than what was in my garden and the woods behind our house.
I have orders some Alum to prime fabic and help it take dyes better, I have ordered some dried madder twigs and want to try oinion skins.
I also want to try rotting some fruit on fabric & paper to see what i can produce that way! again i may just try some while i see what others have achived and that way perfect what effects I want!.
I love the pickled dead thing look going on in the jars!
all good fun!


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