6 Jan 2010

Tea bags

More snow today! all very wintery, I have one child at school and off!
The big one is off so we’ve been bonding over more ‘Spaced’ episodes! Whilst sewing and knitting! I could spend all my days like this...
The photos above are new works, the beginnings of ideas towards a collaborative project with artist Claire Pickles, she doesn’t have an online presents so I cant share her work with you, but she is amazing, we plan to work on some constructed textiles pieces maybe garments maybe not, she has been trapping things in wax and tea bags and this is my response to that, I want to play with it more and start to make structure shapes out of tea bags sewn together to make larger sheets.
the molding fabric in jars will come into action soon , also I have had parcels of  natural dyes things to look at and learn about! Madder roots and alum crystals, Im hoping to make lots of lovely yellows, creams and browns! But we’ll see. xx


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