13 Jan 2010

meet Roberta

Here is Roberta! I have created her over the last few days using some of the dyed fabric I ve been making. She came about because of some of the sketches Ive been doing of ladies with birds in their hair, I wanted to make that image come to life and here she is, I named her Roberta because I wanted a name with manly tone ( cant place why yet, just felt right)
I spent alot of time under the dress trying to make her a big girl, the doll pattern was to skinny, I want to look a larger framed women in my work now, so Im going to need to develop a big girl body pattern to use in future dolls.
I love her hair and dress loads and will be  exploring those ideas further.
I have a real thread of a narrative going on in my head and sketches at the mo, looking to get a friend to model for a few poses over weekend to see where I can take idea, will report as soon as it firms up a little.
All the snow gone here now, a little sad about that it was so very beautiful and unusual, but its nice to see green again.
pip pip for now xx


  1. She's just fantastic. Love your work!!! The birds, fabric, drawing - just everything. I think I will try to make some of that "rust" fabric using your recipe. I am planning on sewing a tiny dress that I will cover with encaustic wax and put in a painting. Thanks for being a fan on my Facebook page. Best,
    Susan Najarian

  2. I like her a lot... - manly toned big girl softies are a much needed addition to the many cutiepie ones out there...

  3. wonderful-as a fellow redhead i feel a connection to her!

  4. Great combination of colour and detail. I've enjoyed watching your progress with this on your blog. Thank you for sharing!


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