7 May 2010

slow stitching proverbs

Ok so here is a jumbled snap shot of how Im using the proverbs from 'Enquire within upon everything' and marrying them with my naturally dyed fabric and desire to make some slow stitched patchworks!!!
these will change and grow as I stitch away, Im not even sure if they are separate things or one whole piece yet....Im sort of working on the proverb pieces as long banners and a series of small squares (4" X4") that may become a large patchwork piece?? who knows....Im happy stitching and we will see if they come together naturally or not.
Have a lovely weekend everyone


  1. I really love these Jenny - the natural fabrics, colours from nature, and the beautiful stitching. I look forward to the journey.

  2. Jenny,
    I love the proverb of one word overcoming more words of anger. This book is obviously a source of great ideas for you. I look forward to seeing you realise them. Lesley

  3. I remember doing something similar with book pages - very effective using cloth over the type - love it 8-)

  4. thanks for your kind words ladies xxx

  5. Absolutely gorgeously stunning work, so inspiring Jenny. I love the torn scrim revealing words, a little story in itself

    Hope you have a lovely week ahead
    Carolyn ♥

  6. these are quite simply wonderful Xx


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