5 May 2010

Enquire within upon everything

As promised here are some scans of the fabulous book I picked up at the carboot sale on monday
Im just loving the langauge and wording they have used throughout and theres some really useful sttuff in there...including some info on dyeing fabric!
But most of all I love the look, its a really knackered copy and has defiantly had something living in it! (snails I think, I am keeping it in a plastic bag for now in case of something worse that will eat my other books)  I love the type face and the cluttered layout.
Im right in my assumtion that its a bit of a 1870 must have for any household and certain has the feel of a well thumbed book before its been left to rot in a carbooters garage for god knows how long.
I had wanted to use pages from it but I cant do that now if understand a bit more about it, I will definatly be using some of the proverbs/one liners with in my work, there are some gems.

'One today is worth two tomorrows'

'Punctuality begets confidence'

'a duel is folly playing at murder'

'at night nature is in mourning for the loss of the sun'
click on these pages to zoom in and read some of the text


  1. that is a great find, so interesting! I love those quotes, especially the last two. You could take some much inspiration from it.

  2. Even the photographs of the book are works of art! What a delicious find:)

  3. Enjoying the proverbs! Love to see what you come up with from those...


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