3 Jul 2010

Felting adventures

After some successes with plant dyeing and my recent purchases of whole sheep fleeces, I thought it is time I had a go at felting again.

I have tried wet felting before but never needle felting, I was inspire by some of the lovely work we saw at woolfest last week, also coincidentally Jesse has brought home an art research project for high school and she had chossen an artist who makes beautiful felt pictures...so no excuses not to have a go together.
We used some of the dyed samples Ive been making, a few bits of brought merino tops and some raw undyed bits with the lovely crimp still in the fleece....
The last one is Jesse's, I think it really lovely, she plans to add some embroidery details very soon, I hope her teachers are happy with it!
( the artist Jesse was asked to look at is Moy Mackay)


  1. These are so lovely!

  2. Love both yours and Jesse's felted pieces

  3. Lovely, airy feel to them.. especially the top one.

  4. Hi Jenny, I've just commented in one of your earlier posts saying I've just found your gorgeous blog and etsy shop. But I also feel I need to comment about your 'big bean' and 'little bean' mention in your profile. When I was little I was given three mini teddy bears and when I was asked what I would call them I replied 'big bean, little bean and beadabar' Do you have a beadabar too?
    Love your work, all of it.

  5. oh my gosh, those are beautiful! and thanks for introducing us to Moy Mackay

  6. loved your projects. i love needle felting,i find it so relaxing and a great place to explore. i have needle felted crazy hats, and many animals and scarfs. i find each time it takes me to another place. thanks for reminding me how much i love it!


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