17 Aug 2010

Helen Roberts work

I seem to be on a roll for finding wonderful artists making exciting work and I really want to share my finds with you all - although I'm sure some of you will already have made these discoveries!!
The latest is Helen Roberts - Helen describes herself as a graduate in Contemparary Crafts, working with textiles and ceramics, she uses a variety of techniques to produce mixed media imagery based pieces.

1. Board 1 close up., 2. Handmade Felt with Screen print., 3. Screen Printed Postcard Samples, 4. Large Postcard Canvas., 5. Vintage Embroidered Postcards., 6. Porcelain Glove Impression., 7. Lace Doilies Set 1 Close Up, 8. Map Set 2, 9. Postcard Box

 I love the work she has done with maps and postcards, stitching the lines of the map and the hand written letters on the postcards. I  see it as retracing the steps of journey from the past and re writing all those words from lives past, I cant help but think of the stories behinds these journeys , wonderful evocative work.
Her ceramic work using delicate fabrics, laces and silks to make impressions with in porcelain are a wonderfully playing with ideas of fragility.
I hope you enjoy her work too xxxx
  Here are links to her flickr and blog


  1. Beautiful work by this artist, thanks for sharing Jenny x

  2. I love the stitching the roads in on the map too.......as you say its evocative of a journey, any journey, of a passage of time or of a memorable trip. Wouldnt it be great to trail your ancestors paths too, should you be making a scrapbook family tree! Wow!
    A cracking idea Helen!
    I was lucky enough to fly for a living and might try and use this idea in a journal, tracing my flights across the world! It could be fun to try it.
    Of course that was before I was married and a Mum, now Im lucky to get as far as Bridlington beach combing! But dont knock it........it can be exciting too!

  3. Her work is lovely. Thanks for sharing!


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