12 Aug 2010

Moth WIPs

Loads of them keep flying out of my machine, but Im not really sure what to do with them all???

I feel the need to get the paints out very soon to much stitching makes my head hurt!
I also need a bit of a scale change as well- I love working small as its very intimate but my art school training is always shouting in my ear 'get bigger small is to domestic!'(and thats bad why??) 

Still right or wrong I feel the need to move my arms a bit and make some big marks ......we will see if the half term hols allows this.


  1. Interesting juxtaposition of drawing and stitched moths... isn't it nice to be obsessed sometimes??

  2. lots of these would look lovely fluttering around a light bulb as a lampshade

  3. your so right about the lampshade! this very evening I am working on a load of stitched paper moths flying around a bare bulb!!! ( sort of installation piece ....will be posting more tomorrow once I have enough xxxx

  4. I would also see them as part of a mobile, but the lampshade idea is simply brilliant !
    have fun with bigger scale, I totally understand the need to move the arms ! :D

  5. I agree; lampshade a great idea! am also liking the muted colours in these moths.......make them seem a bit more delicate and fluttery.....definitely the type of moth that sort of glows as it flutters around your window at night


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