26 Jan 2012

A Parliament of Owls

The Owls have arrived! a beautiful 'European eagle owl' and a Lovely 'Little owl' both come in the form of stuffies, on baby grows and T- shirts also on simple tote bags. Ive impressed myself designing these to use the 3 colors one being the background. The theoryof braking down an image this way has always made sense to me but Ive never made it work so well before! they look photographic but also like a cutout or drawing. I think the subject matter helps, such striking expression on their faces and great body markings.
The Eagle owl is not actually a picture of Morvan the eagle owl at the hawk garden where we go to work with Jim, I didnt have a good enough shot of her legs in the end, so I cheated and found a great picture in our owl book, looks just like her though!
The is a little dunnuck nearly ready to join my ever growing flock of bird stuffies, also the new flight repeat is ready, today I will be sewing up some samples ready to share in the next few days, exciting in the studio at the moment!
back very soon
x jenny


  1. You are a clever lady! they are brilliant !! xxx

  2. they look beeee-u-ti-ful !!
    I'm so happy to see you so creative & on a roll !
    bring it on, girl !

  3. thank you Sonia! I am on a roll! more to come this week xxx


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