4 Feb 2012

Flight testing

New pattern ready and happening! I'm going to call this one 'Flight' a repeat pattern of flying garden birds, I love the movement and marks in this one, I'm a sucker for a scribbled frenetic drawings.
I'm playing with it printed on lots of items new and old, the above photos are me testing it out, I printed a long sheet to see the repeat better, I love the idea of scarfs, just need to find the right fabric, this calico looks nice but will crease terribly so its not right, I will try in on jersey this week and see what color combinations works.
more linen combination cushions, strips of different linens to use up all off cuts and add texture and tone.
Ive got to try and fill both the etsy and folksy shops this week as I have a small profile interview coming out by the end of feb so I want any new finders to see full shops and hopefully buy! Im also very very near to getting my dedicated website up! hosting sorted and design nearly done, just need to sort out shop part and the painful biography  page! I hate trying to sell myself! but Ill get there, I will share as soon as its ready xxxx


  1. By gosh by golly, you have been so busy, girl !!!
    You must be so thrilled to be so creative & active right now
    and it makes ME so happy too !
    The cushions & scarves here are amazing !
    It's getting better & better ! Keep it up !
    Big hugs xoxo

  2. I love this bird print! so happy to have found your blog!


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