26 Sept 2009

New etsy shop!

Last night I took the plung and opened an etsy shop!

Ive only uploaded a few items, just to get the hang of it, I intend to spend the next few days readying items and info, i hope to get atleast 6 items up ASAP , then just as and when the are ready.

I was really surprised and pleased that within a matter of minutes people were looking and liking!
Im prepared to just let things sit for a few months and see, but Im feeling quite hopful now.

check it out at http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=7039885

xx Jenny


  1. jenny, i discovered your work over on cathy cullis' blog this morning - the photo of your artwork hanging with clothespins stood out to me, quite strongly - enough for me to go over to flicker when my computer is refusing to cooperate this morning, and enough for me to research your work and your blog. i'm astounded - such beauty! i'll be jogging on over to etsy right now. how wonderful to find you and your blog and work....x nina bagley

  2. Thanks loads for the encouraging words xx


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