5 Feb 2010

Daily drawing friday montage 31st Jan - 5th Feb

This weeks daily drawing installment! bit rushed this week, still seem more inclined to look at faces just for practice but its helping me to see I really do have a style.
The last image of the man holding falcon is a new series brewing, Ive asked hubby to pose over the weekend for some photos for me to sketch from ( he said OK!) so we will see what comes of that.

Still have 3 large canvases all drawn up with the seamstress series....still to frightened to start(also haven't really had much time- or long periods of time) I know its an excuse but i really feel i need at least a few hours to start painting and I only seem to get 1 hour bursts ! I know I know im just stalling.......

Been doing lots of sewn pieces this week, will post some of the others in a bit xxx


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