10 Jun 2010

absent blogger!

I have been a bad blogger! so sorry to have been away for so long, it was half term here last week and a very busy one with camping trips and family visits, a some lovely sunshine for a bit of it!
This week has just run away with me , everyday Ive been trying to get pitures off the camera and get them on here but life has just got in the way! hey ho never mind I'm here now.
so where to start, a few bits have developed over last week and this, first some more swallows
also I love this picture of all the plant dyed silks Ive been using, arrange for easy access on my desk.
I have also acquired a whole fleece to play with!! very exciting. I spend sunday afternoon separating the more pooey bits to use as mulch around the garden and washing a small pile to mordent and dye!
here is the washed undyed, mordented stuff, white side is how if looks naturally and mordented in Alum the orangey side is moredented in iron.
I am just trying small piles first to see what happens and I trying hot dying to see if i get stronger shades, this first batch I use onions skins and cow parsley (sepearatly) first onions skins, darker shade is the iron mordented fleece.
then Cow parsley
these pictures as usual dont really show how rich the colors are! Im going to do a little bit with violets this weekend and avocardo skins again, must get some more silk to add! 
I have no way of spinning this fleece yet but I figured i can keep it until I can afford either a wheel or drop spindle or i can use it to felt some things, I keep thinking I should look at landscapes as the dyes are all from the land it seems rather poetic to create local landscapes with them.
Ok I feel better now Ive got all that out my system! I got a few little slow stitches on the go plus more dress making ( we have a wedding to attend in july so some lovely outfits need constructing fast!)
Now I just have to catch up on what you have all been upto xxxxx


  1. Will you be taking yourself off to the Wool Fest in cumbria?
    The colours are fab!


  2. oh yes Kath I shall be there! very excited about it too! its my birthday weekend treat x

  3. I like all your birds but the swallows are my favorite ones.

  4. Your birds are beautiful!

  5. Jenny the natural colours you've in your naturally dyed fabrics and fleeces are just so wonderful and I love the idea of using the dyed fleeces as landscapes. Also love all your birdies. I saw them on flickr and they are wonderful. Have a lovely weekend

    Carolyn x


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