29 Jul 2010

another thread

Half-term holidays here, only part of a week done and we are all driving each other mad already!!!
Hey Ho Im sure it will get better, we just need a bit of a plan!
Im finding very little time as predicted to really sit down and get on with some work, I just keep snatching a hour here and there.
Still got book page ideas floating around in my head, I need a new stock of books to play with and a bit of drawing time to sort out some ideas, maybe next week I can spend a little time on this.

I have another thread of ideas starting to grow, I decided to start a new sketch book to build up ideas in and just see where it goes, here are a few images from said sketch book.
I have made a few backgrounds on fabric to stitch over and like the idea of displaying these pinned into box frames, but we will see how they turn out first.

nearly at 100 follower Im thinking of a give away to celebrate?? I will take a look around my studio and see if theres anything I think you might like xxxxx


  1. Hi Jenny...absolutely love that stitched moth picture...beautiful....xx


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