20 Jul 2010

Paper cutting

In the background of all the other makings that have been going on there has been some slow and steady paper cutting!
it all started with the photo below, just a little idea, and it made it to the front page of flickr ! so loads of views and interest in it!
I knew it was an idea I wanted to pursue so slowly I have been sketching ideas and trying out some.
I have seen the most amazing book paper cuts before and feel slightly intimidated by them, but thats no reason not to continue and try to find an image that feels like its really mine!
these are all just sketches learning about the cutting and the different ways of photographing the final peices.
 The latest thread Im following involves drilling holes in the books and light bulbs! watch this space for developments.

I need to go charity shopping to find a load of books I feel are ready to give themselves over to Art.
The artists I know about are Su Blackwell (above), her work is amazing, I need to be careful not to create final things that are to close to her work, but looking through lots her themes are very different to the ideas im having so Im not to worried.
also Thomas allens (below) work is fab.


  1. Your paper cuts are lovely. Thanks for the link to Su Blackwell too... amazing!

  2. I must give this a whirl! Your work is eye candy to me - just beautiful.



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