1 Jul 2013

Handprinting experiments

Over the last few months I have been working on the second book for Cico books- This one will be called Handprint your home and is another 35 project printing and sewing book.
I have gathered loads of ideas together for the items that will be included in the book and Im now developing all the printed patterns, Im having such fun playing with shape and colour, the possibility are endless but there are constraints to work with- prints need to be easy to understand and achievable by an inexperienced printer, they need to be colourful and fresh, original but reference trends and design styles! pheww its no easy task!
 Im using lino prints, foam sheets, houshold objects, stencils, screen printing and phototransfers! this time I want to have a bigger techniques section so I can really explain how to do all these print techniques. I hoping to take photographs of me doing the prints so the illustrator can draw from those, which should make it nice and clear.

This is just a quick sneeky peek into whats been happening in the studio! Ive also been working on a tutorial for making your own screen print out of an embroidery hoop and net curtain! to share here-  coming very soon ..........

pip pip for now- back to the printing table for me x


  1. Gorgeous prints!! Beautiful designs - Cannot wait for the book to come out! xx

    1. thanks charlotte- Im having such fun playing xxxx

  2. Hi Jenny
    Can I ask you what fabric paints you are using to print with?

    1. hi Jacqui- I always use acrylic paints mixed with fabric medium 50/50 - once heat set with a hot iron the wash well xxx


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