18 Jan 2012


I have new fabric in the studio, I have new ideas nearly finished! its all an exciting start to the year.
above is a little glimpse into three new designs that are almost ready to go onto fabric.
The European eagle owl (Morvan) will be going on totes and t-shirts and will be a softie!
Flight- is a repeat pattern to go on scarfs and cushions and much more- freehand line drawings of flying small garden birds.
Murmuration - an intense flock of starlings, again a repeat pattern to go on scarfs etc.
Im really keen to see these all take shape now, I always get impatient at this stage!
There is also a kestral and sparrow that may appear at the same time, still deciding about those.
as ever watch this space
xxx Jenny


  1. ooooh now this is getting more & more interesting !
    I love these new patterns, and Murmuration's got to be my favorite, it's such a powerful pattern !!
    keep the great work my friend, I can't wait to see what you'll be making !

  2. Gorgeous! I love Morvan very much... Well done Mrs! xxx

    1. thanks Charlotte! I m desperate to get these onto fabric but everything is conspiring against me !!!! argh! xxx

  3. These are awesome! I don't know which I like more! Love your blog, Join me too if you wish:)


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